It is the moment that holds our hearts in the presence of the disease, even if we are in full health, but we are alarmed and afraid of ourselves and of those we love for fear that the disease will follow the separation forever.
But to welcome the suffering and embrace the disease and complains of pain, and even spoke that strange mixture to turn your pain in hope and smile with a smile and believe that the disease is a gift from God to the servant I love, this is the challenge that you are expected to fight and end thank God for your insistence that slaughtered the disease in the middle of the battlefield.
There are many examples and many put forward in the boards of success about those fighters who smile despite the suffering of pain and helplessness, but unable to appear and suffocate the will of the warrior, and settle a spot in your heart to establish a colony in the name of smile and players inside.

As for Hamza Iskandar, the child who was born with a congenital defect in his heart, he has been brought to the operating bed since his childhood three times. But what has stirred controversy for his new friends and who knows Hamza about his illness is his frequent movement and inability to believe his illness. But he could easily convince the newcomers of the fact that he was sick and approached him from his chest. He listened: Listen to the sounds of the metal valve that treats the problem of pumping blood to the rest of his body to be Hamza’s friendship code. “Listen to my heart, find me with your heart.”

Omar Hamza shone as he wiggled over the disease, and he gave him a smile, and Hamza loved him around him with his distinctive chastity for his thinking and turned his curiosity around the disease and convinced him of his ability to fight helplessness with his smile and some positive words. But God willing to choose him again among many to hear his voice in “if God loved a slave started.” Hamza was diagnosed with cancer of the third degree spread between the stomach and stomach after reaching the twenty-one of his youth. It was like revenge for the disease, which made it difficult for him to see Hamzah’s smile on his face, hoping to destroy Hamza’s insistence, but unfortunately he misjudged.

At the beginning of the diagnosis, the depression intervened to help its ally with cancer, as happens to all combatants (not patients). Hamza suffered a mental exhaustion during the first month of treatment. His father never tried to bring Hamza back to his senses and smiled at him. Hamza Al-Muttamim “Why did not your enemy fight the cancer with a smile?” He entered the speech of Jouf Hamza to revive his heart valve to breathe the blood of life again, and here the smile planted its roots again in the depth of Hamza’s cancer. And was no longer dispersed, but was extended to reach the presence with him in his sessions, and it was believed that the fight needed support around him, launched the campaign, which supported himself and was not waiting for support from the outside, he said:

The campaign spread and drew the attention of many people from different sectors of the society. He added another slogan that has cancer, and he found people’s desire to include the disease in his brain until he could faithfully end the life of the disease. Of existence for him. He also instilled hope in the same warrior that gave him the opportunity to meet Hamza or even watch a clip of Hamza talking about the disease and the war he fought. “What has shaken my mother and father.” “One day we all return to our Lord and impossible to die of death, death Jake Jake if Mo Moqra if the morning, then if you visit what you try can change the way you receive the disease.

This is one of the most prominent things in my mind from the messages of inspiration from Hamzah, which filled my heart and summoned my pen to spread the message of love of life, which is not always called by Hamza. But on the twenty-fourth of January this year (2017) came the day of Hamza as he said and his death after the death of the message of the Semite and the impact of the eternal, I do not care about the cause of death, as I said “death Jake Jake,” as much as I cared about the details of your message to finish it with those who support me from After you to achieve what you are keen to achieve in your life.

For me, I stole your smile from you and promised you not to let you down and fight the impotence with our smile.