About Us

The idea of establishing the Palestinian Society for Cancer Care is to provide entire care for cancer patients in Gaza Strip, as a result to the rapid spread of cancer within the Palestinian society and their increased suffering, under the severe conditions experienced by Gazan people, as travelling large burden, the difficulty of treatment outside Gaza Strip, and the high prices of medicines and treatments resulting form cancer, which requires the concerted all of official and civil efforts to fight Cancer, whether by awareness-raising in prevention methods and provide the necessary treatment, or  providing support and assistance to patients and their families and understand their suffering.

So, and as a desire of some who are interesting in organizing such care, a group of specialists and those interested in volunteer work, and the owners of various medical and administrative expertise, initiated the establishment of the Palestinian Society for Cancer Care in the Middle Governorate of Gaza Strip in Palestine.


Building a healthy society capable of fighting Cancer and preventing it, to reach a safe life.


  • Providing medical care, social and psychological rehabilitation, and all that will alleviate cancer patients.
  • Providing services to patients and their families in the form of assistance and social services.
  • Spreading health awareness among members of society to prevent malignant damage.
  • Carry out scientific studies to support Cancer prevention and anti-Cancer programs.
  • Establishing social work weeks and charity markets, to introduce the activities and services of the Society and develop its resources.
  • Preparation of programs to qualify cadres and develop their expertise.
  • Conduct international seminars and conferences, in cooperation with international cancer organizations, to exchange experience and information.